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Community Rules & Shite

Welcome to GLBT Music Share!

Please Read The Rules Before Joining (Under LJ Cut)

The purpose of this community is to share and discover music by Queer artists of varying levels of fame and notoriety (though I stress that it's always best to share the lesser-known before the "household names", for whatever that's worth).

This community is open to members of all sexual orientations and genders, but the *musicians* you post MUST be some kind of Queer!

1) All posts must contain a song or link to songs. The easiest way to do this is to upload files to either your own server -or- to a free hosting site like Send Space, You Send It, Savefile, or Rapid Share. Sites like those typically delete your file after x number of downloads or x number of days, so it's entirely up to you as to whether or not you choose to upload the files again.

2) No advertizing of communities (unless permission is granted by the mods) or posting of flyers/setlists is allowed. Advertising your band is fine and good if your music is relevant to the vein of this community and you have a means of sharing your music online.

3) WHAT TO POST: Anything by Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, TS/TG/Drag, intersexed musicians. Stuff by extremely vocal allies is fine, if done sparingly — if I don't set that rule, you people are going to be swapping old Madonna B-sides until I puke.
What not to post: Anything homo- or transphobic/ex-gay is a given for this category, but I also don't want to see any music by artists that are outwardly racist, sexist, etc.... Not that I'm thinking the Prussian Blue twins are going to go Indigo Girls on us any time soon, but I figure that I should say this just to be on the safe side. Also don't post anything that is simply un-Queer -- no straight allowed!

4) Please be polite and courteous. If you don't like a band, there's no need to flame someone for posting one of their songs. Hell, flaming somebody just because you don't like them, while you may find it funny, is usually more annoying than anything. Rudeness will not be tolerated, and repeat offenses may result in being banned.

5) MP3 and WMA formats only! Zip and rar files are okay if you're sharing a whole album. Videos are also okay, assuming you can download them. MP3 and WMA are generally universal formats. Other formats may not be compatible with certain players or computer programs, so please keep it to either one of these two formats.

6) Your post should give us this information:
Song Title:

It doesn't necessarily have to be in that format, but you get the idea, right? Many of us are anal-retentive audiophiles and have elaborate folder systems for our music collections.

7) All posts must be friends only. To make this easier, newdance has run the LJ-admin console code so that all posts are auto-posted with a minimum security level of "Friends Only". Please don't change the security level of your posts manually. This is to protect the community.

8) Post as much as you want. If you do, we'll do the same.

9) Requests page is here: [link]

And most importantly: If you download something and like it, please support the artist and buy their music.

Breaking these rules will result in a minimum punishment of deleting of your post. Repeat offenses (as well as being an annoying little shit simply for the sake of it) may result in being banned.

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